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Connect with professionals who have been in your shoes so you can see what skills you should be developing, all while building your professional network for the future.

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Get an inside view of employer profiles and discover what they look for when hiring for the positions like the ones you’re interested in today.

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Hear their success stories. Explore how your alumni got to where they are now and what advice they have for you as a current student. Meet for a cup of coffee.

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Receive personalized recommendations to help you set goals for your future self. See what skills you should be learning now. As those grow, you’ll see more guidance for what’s next in building the best you.

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Use our resume builder tool to add skills and experiences you already have. We’ll walk you through every step towards creating a digital CV you can take with you to potential interviews.

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Use our site to find new skill experiences like a coffee talk with a potential mentor, a guest lecture by a visiting educator in your field of interest, or a meet and greet with potential employers and higher education institutes.

But we’re about more than connecting talent. We’re building it.

  • Build our your resume in a digital, downloadable format
  • Set trackable goals with our Readiness system
  • Access company profiles to see what skills are in demand
  • Connect with alumni, educators, and professionals
  • Get early access to open internships and jobs

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